What Sets Us Apart

At our core, we believe in simplicity and elegance. Our commitment to timeless design ensures that your bag remains a stylish companion through every season. Designed with comfort in mind, our bags are lightweight, functional and spacious without sacrificing style.

Small Batch Designs

We cater to individuals who appreciate craftsmanship and seek distinctive pieces. Collaborating with a family-owned manufacturer in Spain, all our handbags are made using time-honored techniques handed down through generations, resulting in unparalleled quality.


Pam S.

Dallas, TX

"The Mini Jayce is what every outfit is missing! Beautiful soft leather in fun colors and just the right size to hold all that you need."

Leslie L.

Phoenix, AZ

"The perfect mix of style and function. My Cameron tote has a pocket for each one of my daily essentials including my large planner, iPad, and mini iPad. She has proven to be the perfect companion for my client installations, business meetings, speaking engagements, and soccer games."

Dani P.

Miami, FL

"I love my beautiful bag! I take it with me when I’m working remotely from Starbucks. It holds all my stuff!”