Beyond A Label

Hi there, I am Stephanie Taylor!  

My vision has always been to create handbags that exude timeless style and impeccable craftsmanship. My goal is to offer beautifully crafted bags in small batches, making elegance and quality accessible without breaking the bank for my customers.


 No two journeys are the same. When I started on my own path, the most beautiful thing that happened was also the most unexpected—I established powerful connections with extraordinary women from around the world. I found that while our stories are told in our own voices, they also become intertwined with other stories and voices along the way. Every personal experience becomes an evolution that can’t be labeled. That is the essence of what a Stephanie Taylor handbag represents—more than a label, it’s a journey.


Here’s a little about my journey…


Dallas. I’m a Texas native, an international explorer, and a lover of the dichotomy of life. I am energized by both the restorative balance of nature and the buzzing complexity of big cities. I can rock a trucker hat or a designer gown. I spend time in my favorite places with the people I love the most—the same people who inspire the names of my bags. Starting my own handbag line has given me independence and a creative outlet where I can weave my passions into a product that speaks volumes about quality, versatility, and the connection between kindred spirits. 


Basque Country, Spain. This area is one of my family’s favorite places to visit, and where we met our incredible artisan partners who bring generations of experience and a relentless attention to detail to their small-batch production. The hallmarks of this line of handbags are their lightweight feel and timeless appeal, combined with just the right pop of personality. The luxe leather is sourced from the Basque Country and transformed into beautifully handcrafted collections, including Frankie, Jayce, and Jean.  


Cebu, Philippines. My husband, Michael, was born and raised in the Philippines, and we have traveled annually to his childhood home of Cebu. It is there that I have been able to extend the reach of our company’s mission, by supporting the Rise Above Foundation. The Foundation empowers women struggling with poverty by providing opportunities for education and training, including weaving up-cycled materials into tote bags.  This generates an income enabling these women to provide for their children’s food, shelter, and education. We are passionate about the work of the Rise Above Foundation and are proud to support these women’s efforts.


Our next stop is yet to be determined, but we know it won’t be our last. We hope your journey takes you to places near and far—places that inspire your personal story and reflect your unique style. Your Stephanie Taylor handbag is sure to be a worthy companion every step of the way.