About Us

Meet Stephanie

I love handbags!  Let’s start there.  Since I was a little girl, I’ve collected handbags.  Today, I love designing them.  

Different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes.  I’ve studied them endlessly and I believe that ultimately these things must come together to make a great handbag. 

While previously working as a Marketing Director at a financial services firm, my frustration with unorganized handbags led me on a quest to design one.  I eventually created my first tote with lots of interior pockets - the Cameron.

Each handbag combines timeless design with everyday functionality. I pay particular attention to the smallest of details to produce handbags of exceptional quality.  After an extensive search for the best materials from around the world, I turned my focus to identifying high quality manufacturers. We are proud to work with artisans who are specialists in their craft and each piece we produce is a reflection of my passion for beautifully-designed handbags.

I love that I get to pursue my dream of designing and manufacturing handbags!